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"One of the best apps or even vst ive heard in ages. i have most of the good sounding apps, i put this near, and sometimes better than the korg odyssey app. The arpeggiator is a real bonus on it own." ~octamike (on

TF8 Synth is a professional virtual analog synthesiser that melds superior synthesis algorithms with iOS technologies.
It is built with usability in mind, for live playing and for recording.

Features (modifiable with Purchase of Pro Pack) :
- 2 Main Oscillators (Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle and the coveted Roland-inspired Supersaw)
- 2 Sub Oscillators for each oscillator to give that added extra oomph
- 1 Noise Oscillator for some extra sizzle in the sound
- Hard sync, Frequency Modulation, Ring Modulation and Cross Modulation oscillator modes
- 2 State of the art pure sounding filters, which can be used in series or parallel
- 2 LFOs for modulating almost any parameter in the synth
- 1 ADSR Envelope for the synth output
- 1 ADSR Envelope for controlling the filter cutoff frequencies
- 10 powerful effects comprising of Compressor, Distortion, Stereo Delay, Stereo Reverb, Reverse Delay, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Quad-Phase Phaser, Tube Distortion and Equalizer and Unison.
- Arpeggiator, time-step, velocity, gate with plenty of fun arpeggio patterns.
- Audiobus and Inter-app Audio for inter-app operability.
- Ableton Link can be used to sync arpeggiator and bpm-syncable effects.
- Midi controllers and midi in from other apps supported.
- Knobs are controllable via midi cc.
- Midi Out - use TF8 Synth as a midi controller!

From the deepest basses to the highest crystal bells, TF8 Synth sounds great, and is sure to be a worthy addition to your iOS music production arsenal. Best enjoyed with headphones.

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