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Sol Tiempo is a Weather/Radar viewer for Australian, International, US Weather.

Support Home weather stations "Weather Display" also.

Free for a limited time

★ Australian Weather providers (BOM Data)

✔ AWAP Project (Rain,Temp,Vapour,Solar,NDVI)
✔ Current Temp (Local forecast and temp)
✔ MSL Chart Loop (AKA Synoptic)
✔ National Radar (Satellite and Radar)
✔ State Radar Loop (200+ Radars)
✔ Live Observation graphs
- Wind vs Gust with direction indicator
- Temp vs Apparent
- Humidity
- Atmospheric pressure
- Rain

★ International Weather

✔ Google Weather
✔ NOAA Weather

★ Home Weather Stations

Weather Display Software - can display clientraw.txt graphically.

★ Website :-

★ Twitter

Powered by QuotaXML which allows new stations to be added without requiring an update. You can even develop your own provider using the development kit (See website).

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