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!! Shooter X1 !!

1,000,000+ downloads!!

We have listened to your feedback and Shooter X1 now supports a manual aiming option! You can easily turn it on in the settings.

As a former member of an elite special forces team you are a highly trained tactical marksman. You have served in numerous covert infiltration operations in hostile environments including Afghanistan and Iraq. However after seven years of service you decided the minimal pay was just not worth the risk. Instead of letting your formidable skills go to waste, you have set out on your own.

You are now a mercenary and go by the code name: Shooter X1. You get paid to take down other killers. You are an expert at what you do and there are numerous missions all over the world that require your expertise. Will you accept them?

+ Stunning photo-realistic environments set in their real locations. This is very unique to Shooter X1, where most game environments are computer generated.

+ Cross the globe in 26 separate missions that take you from Asia, across Europe to battle in the heat of the Middle East all the way to alpine conditions in Canada.

+ Engage your targets with awesome weapons like the Uzi 9mm, Minigun 7.62 mm, AS50 Sniper Rifle, L115A3 Rifle, Glock 17, SIG P250 and Colt .45

+ No loading times mean you get straight into the action

+ Super addictive game play

+ Choose to play a game, and work your way through each of the exciting missions or select to play a given mission on a time trial basis, where you play against the clock and try to take out as many enemies as you can in a given time.

+ Get huge bonus pay when completing missions with full health or no misses

+ Fight to be the best and compare your earnings on the global leader board

+ Customize the controls to your preference

"This game is awesome. Full stop."

"I just can't stop playing it."

"The environments are epic. I want to travel there and see some of them in real life."

"This is by far the coolest shooter game on the appstore!"

To celebrate the fantastic 1,000,000+ downloads of this fun game, we are now offering the extended mission pack at a discounted price. So now, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can have a whole lot more shooting fun! How good is that!!


PLEASE NOTE: This app has been updated for iOS4, however if you encounter problems running it, then please try turning on Airplane mode.

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