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  • この教材が英語の授業であったら、きっと英語嫌いじゃなくなっていました。美しい絵と聞きやすいナレーションで、引き込まれるように、どんどんページをめくってしまいます。

  • 各頁に隠れている金の卵、ほかにシャボン玉、竜たたきゲーム、お城の花火など仕掛け絵本としてよくできていると思います。 孫が遊びに来るたび、必ずこの本を開きます。鶏の鳴き声が変わっていて喜んでいます。 次の本が出るのを楽しみにしています。

総合評価 4

★Made for iPad! And works beautifully on the iPod Touch and iPhone devices too.

★The "interactive" part comes in the form of games, activities, hidden Easter eggs, and the like. Gorgeous artwork, read-along text, and a reasonable price tag...What's not to like?
-CNET Reviews

★The classic "Jack and the Beanstalk" gets a terrific iPad makeover.
-CNET Reviews

★I was really impressed with Jack and the Beanstalk Children’s Interactive Storybook. It takes full advantage of the iPad’s size and looks great. The addition of the hidden activities within the story make it a fun app that my son really enjoyed
-The iPhone Mom

Experience Jack and the Beanstalk like never before in this wonderfully illustrated storybook, featuring over 30 pages of interactivity which your child will enjoy. This timeless tale comes alive with audio narration, read-along text, and interactive games and features. Each page contains a hidden surprise! Come and dive into the pages of Jack and the Beanstalk and join Jack in his adventure to defeat the giant!

SPOILER WARNING - Don't read this next section if you want to discover all the great surprises in this app on your own!

All 32 pages are interactive, but here are some highlights you won't want to miss.

Page 1
Tilt the application to watch the sun move. Move the sun with your finger below the mountains and observe day turn to night. Touch the house to watch and hear the chimney puff.

Page 6
Touch the beans to play the memory matching game.

Page 13
Magically finger-paint the black -and-white page. When most of the image has been painted, stars will burst with enchanting sounds, and reveal an amazingly vivid image. When the page is in color, touch the lake to play a popup game. Shake the device to either finish the painting or to restart painting again.

Page 14
Touch Jack to get him to sing. It may take a few times...he's shy!

Page 29
The Giant is high on the beanstalk. Tilt the device and watch the Giant sway. The Giant will complain when you shake the device - he's afraid of heights.

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  1. Apolo400 「聞きやすいナレーション付きの美しい絵本」


  2. パピヨンキング 「仕掛けが多くて楽しめる」

    各頁に隠れている金の卵、ほかにシャボン玉、竜たたきゲーム、お城の花火など仕掛け絵本としてよくできていると思います。 孫が遊びに来るたび、必ずこの本を開きます。鶏の鳴き声が変わっていて喜んでいます。 次の本が出るのを楽しみにしています。

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