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  • ミニゲーム集です。でも、雰囲気は良いです。

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“Capsule № 231. History learning program failure. School segment processing capacity overload. Manual shutdown required. Operator is absent...”

...You're going to travel light. It happens sometimes when you set off unexpectedly. This isn’t scary, since a thrilling, full of sudden discoveries, journey to a fantastic new world awaits you! It follows different rules, it is full of wonderful creatures, and it is as beautiful as our world... But its future is in danger...

Do you wish to know what happens when you have to choose between good and reason? Will you risk heading towards the endless abyss between the worlds? Then go for it! On your way you’ll need to make correct decisions. Be careful and firm in your actions, as the destiny of the whole world is in your hands!

If you like surprises and adventures — this is your game:
- an interactive book;
- a full-length cartoon;
- mini-games demanding quick reaction, good memory, spacial and logical reasoning.

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  1. スノエル 「こういうの、好きです」


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