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  • High Quality News, Business update and in depth analyses for free.

  • 残念だ。改善を望む。

  • Very Good !

  • CMもそのまま流れているので、ニュース以外の何かもつかめる。 また、固有名詞の英語の発音が解って、この点も深く評価できます。

  • It's so good

総合評価 4

Bloomberg Radio+
- 2012 Lovie Award for Best News App
- Best Finance App of 2011 from Apple

Listen to in-depth interviews and insightful analysis from the smartest and most influential names in Finance, Business, Economics and Investment.

Past guests have included:
- Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
- Dr. Mohamed El-Erian, CEO and co-CIO of Pimco
- Bill Clinton, Former United States President
- George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management

Features of the app include:
- Bloomberg Radio live 24-hours a day
- Bloomberg shows and interviews available on demand
- Offline listening. Save/download shows and interviews
- Latest market data and Breaking news on companies
- Charts as they are referenced during a show or interview
- Bios of guests
- Customizable scrolling ticker

Shows available on demand include:
- Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene
- The First Word with Ken Prewitt
- The Hays Advantage with Kathleen Hays
- Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Courtney Donohoe

Bloomberg Radio+を最高評価した人のレビュー

  1. t-taro 「Great!」

    High Quality News, Business update and in depth analyses for free.

  2. WK Lam 「Very Good !」

    Very Good !

  3. lonesome1963 「これは便利」

    CMもそのまま流れているので、ニュース以外の何かもつかめる。 また、固有名詞の英語の発音が解って、この点も深く評価できます。

  4. xmmkmm 「Yes come on to use it」

    It's so good

  5. harbeman 「Bloomberg Radio」

    This international radio program is excellent. It conveys latest information throughout the world not only latest news but also business and world's trends in all fields. I'm listening from Japan. Many thanks!

Bloomberg Radio+を高評価した人のレビュー

  1. Huongluong10 「Good」

    Conveniently listen to updated news

  2. 池上8888 「Easy」

    Easy to search

Bloomberg Radio+を低評価した人のレビュー

  1. KazkunGuru 「bluetoothで聞けない。」


  2. 仁平 原田 「unstable connection?」

    After updating to iOS8, the radio often stops and doen't play again. This is so disappointing, though I appreciated its content like others do.

Bloomberg Radio+を最低評価した人のレビュー

  1. tama1212 「Bloomberg radio」

    It has been a good economic news program. However,it was suddenly suspended without any Now,this one is useless.

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