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  • iPhone 3GS + OS3.0 The dice get only double.

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Backgammon, one of the oldest and famous game in the world. The object is to moves the pieces around the board towards your inner table. Once all 15 of your pieces have arrived in the inner table, they can be removed from the board is winner. Although the play is highly skillful, the fact that the moves rely on the dice introduces an element of luck allowing even a novice to win the odd game against a world champion.

Transform your iPhone into an active Backgammon table!
- Shake your iPhone to throw the dice.
- Simply move the checkers with your fingertips.

Features :
- Single and Muli-Player games on the same device.
- Play against your friends over Wi-fi.
- Three AI levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium and Hard.
- Indicates current Pip count for each player.
- Optionally plays sound effects during game play.
- Optional play with doubling dice.
- Full undo of moves.
- Hints
- Superb graphics and piece animation.

Recommended for all Backgammon fans and board games players.

Published and distributed by Powerise Software.

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  1. KE Ishikawa 「Only doubles.」

    iPhone 3GS + OS3.0 The dice get only double.

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