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  • Nice

  • おなじことしかできなくて、ちょとざんねん。 日本語も出て欲しいな~

  • This is fantastic and funny I enjoy it thanks for sharing this. Wonderfullllll!!!!

  • 日本語版で出て欲しい

  • This is incredible, I love her voice ,very adorable, will enjoy with her(^_^)

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The cutest little doll, Anya is a little girl who loves to play and care for her puppies.

-- Featured by Apple
-- Over 3,500,0000 Little kids ( even babies ) love to dress, feed and play with Anya and her puppies.

Care for Anya and feed her
‣ Feed her cup cakes ( not too many )
‣ She loves to eat Strawberries and is health conscious, you can give her a lot of those.
‣ Change her hair style and color
‣ Accessorize her and the puppies

5 ADORABLE little Puppies to play with
‣ HUG and FEED them
‣ Make them do tricks: stand, spin, shake hands, fetch and crawl
‣ TREAT the puppies
‣ HUG them
‣ PET them
‣ DRESS them
‣ They LOVE you back

It's Playtime!
‣ Dress Anya with several cute outfits.
‣ Dress Up Anya as a Princess, Fairy, Lady Bug, Bee or Witch
‣ Pop the bubbles she blows. (You can use more than one finger to tap)
‣ Hula Hoop: Move the phone in circles when she is holding the hoop and she will twirl it along with you
‣ Heart: Anya will tell you, "I love You". But she will cry if you tap to break the heart
‣ Catch falling flowers. Make sure to avoid the bugs and spiders!

Play with a friend feature:
Get two devices with Anya on them close to each other to play multi-player games:
‣ Toss a beach ball from one device to another.
‣ Fun bubble-popping game, who can pop the most?!
‣ Hula-hoop twirling game is very interactive!
‣ A snowball fight with no cleanup required ;)
‣ Falling flowers game, who can catch the most?

Realistic Interactions:
‣ Tap her feet and Anya does a dance
‣ Touch, "tap tap tap" or swipe over her belly to tickle her.
‣ Tap her nose and she will make a funny face
‣ Tap the maracas and Anya will play them.
‣ Touch her hair and watch her reaction.
‣ Talk to her and she will repeat what you say.

Winter Fun
‣ A beautiful winter wonderland for her
‣ Make it snow in her world
‣ Dress her as Santa Claus or Rudolph
‣ Hear her sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
‣ Dress her in cozy winter costumes

Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies has been made with love for kids of all ages. She is fun for everyone and is a GREAT for two person play. Give it a try today!

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If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to Enjoy!

What users are saying:

** What we ( The iMums ) love… The puppies – especially teaching them to do tricks, all the different dress up options, Anya repeating what the child says, the seasonal packs. .. **** ..

** "I got this for my granddaughter, but I think I play with Anya more than she does." -- Shovgal

Official Character Arts, LLC. licensed app
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © and © The Rudolph Company, L.P.

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  1. Liberated143 「Gfdrgghh」


  2. 「Great」

    This is fantastic and funny I enjoy it thanks for sharing this. Wonderfullllll!!!!

  3. Sweetierabbit 「Cute」

    This is incredible, I love her voice ,very adorable, will enjoy with her(^_^)

  4. ylainerei 「jm」

    amazing.what a cute little girl..

  5. あんなAF 「さいこー」

    ダイスキ‼ かわいい?!

Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppiesを高評価した人のレビュー

  1. サニーオ 「まあまあ楽しい」

    おなじことしかできなくて、ちょとざんねん。 日本語も出て欲しいな~

  2. みやふじ 「う~ん…惜しい…」


  3. ruggedflower 「Talking Anya」

    面白い♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ i really like it.

  4. メグ☆さん 「リアルで可愛い」


  5. niruko 「Review」

    Good isn't it?

Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppiesをまあまあの評価した人のレビュー

  1. Kenji Nagabuchi 「Talking Anya」

    It's good creat more talking anime

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