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  • ハワイに行くと必ずこの冊子をもらうので、見ているだけでハワイ気分に。 それが毎号日本にいながら読めて、しかも無料なんて最高です!! ダウンロードして読むか、オンラインで読むか選べる所も親切ですね。

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Ala Moana magazine app’s editorial content speaks directly to both local and international audiences, with entertaining and engaging articles about the latest fashion and island trends. Featuring insights from designers and style influencers, Ala Moana magazine is written to engage a visitor on the move as well as a resident seeking the latest and hottest when it comes to fashion, beauty, jewelry and more. With interactive page flipping, a zoom feature, bookmarking, searching and sharing your favorite articles allow an enhanced magazine experience right anywhere and anytime you choose to read.

Key Features:
• Every new issue is push notified right to you.
• See what you can find Only in Hawai’i – exclusive finds on the island
• Read great reviews of the best dinning and nightlife in Hawai’i.
• Showcasing the latest happenings and goings-on at Ala Moana Center.
• Read the New & Now section about the latest products.
• Easy to navigate indexing and search functionality.

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  1. koz178 「無料で読める」

    ハワイに行くと必ずこの冊子をもらうので、見ているだけでハワイ気分に。 それが毎号日本にいながら読めて、しかも無料なんて最高です!! ダウンロードして読むか、オンラインで読むか選べる所も親切ですね。

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  1. ちゃんこ姫 「見れません」


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