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!!!!!Free Test Box(7 in 1)!!!!!
There are many IQ Test apps in appStore. But they all have only one Test, IQ Test , in it.
Now this app(A+ IQ Test) not only give you IQ Test, but also give you EQ, AQ, ,Psychological Age ,Health Test, Character Test and Health Test2!!!!

A+ IQ Test is an app that is specifically designed to be used on the iPhone platform. Also, every month, we will update the app with a new question in order to provide a constant flow of new and professional test for you!

1. Complete the test within the time limit in order to recieve the results.

2. Labeling : During the test, you can add a label to any of the question and skip over it

3. Saving : You can complete the test in multiple sittings by using the saving system to save your progress and then complete the test at another time.

4. Search : You can use the search function to search for any uncompleted questions still left over, or use it to jump into any question in the test.

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